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Love and support SMAP for ever....
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Some Memories Are Precious.

Kimura Takuya...

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Amazing Gift from SMAP...

The Gift fs smap concert was truely a mindblowing experience..

Yesterday from 6.30pm onwards, I was in some fantasy land.I got into this SMAP World...where nothing else exists.

I am very poor when it comes to writing and i just dont know how i will explain all that i saw.It was truely a visual treat and i could very well understand why some fans were even crying when the concert got over.

Believe me guys when i say..I SAW the one and only KIMURA TAKUYA almost 3 metres in front of me waving and smiling and singing..I had  to wait for that precious moment till the last song of the concert...It was only about 30-40 seconds...
I was living a dream.
Shingo and Takuya came to the right side of the dome in that small trailer platforms.

I was lucky,at the start of the concert Tsyoshi and Nakai had come to the right corner of the stage and waved at us..but Taku Goro and Shingo were always at the centre or towards the completely opposite side.

So in the end,i only missed out seeing Goro closely.

My seating was almost ok..I could see them perform very clearly..but could not see their faces so well.My seat was close to the main stage..But these guys always dont stand there.

Anyway...it was just a night that i wont forget,..seeing the concert live for the first time actually made me even more crazy and now i am more greedy for SMAP..I want more and more.

They r really great entertainers and we should be proud we love them.Their performance and thier enthusiasm and energy levels are simply outstanding...

Love SMAP.

Gift of SMAP

I have finally come in terms with the reality..YES!!!! I am going to see my dear SMAP live for the first time..
I got my concert ticket  send home from the fanclub in a  lovely skyblue envelope...
Now the count down begins...
On 26th at Tokyo Dome...
I am just so excited and completely out of words to express my state of mind right now...
SMAP---------------Here I come...

Gift of SMAP.

My wish might be granted
Got the latest SMAP fanclub pamphlet.
There was info about the concert and Taku`s new drama..
Tokyo concert is extended to 30th sep ...Great!!!
So from 26th,SMAP is in Tokyo..
I think,my ticket is getting ready...I am waiting to actually get it in my hands to finally come to terms with the reality that i am finally going to see my SMAP live in front of me....
It is going to be a dream come true for me...
Actually it is the first big concert in my life...I have never gone for such a concert before...That makes it special....
I will cherish it for the rest of my life.
So have fun smappies...


summer has come.

smap`s new cds..
smp gift and smap moment will be out soon.
Some cool songs coming ur way!!!

new concert

I love smap and love Kimura takuya.
I watch all their smapxsmap episodes on tv.I am just sad that i can folllow only little bit of japanese.Thanks to live journal..so that i can read a lot in english.
Got the latest kimutaku photobook..mens-no-ho endless..cool photos.

I hope i can get a ticket for their concert in august.waiting with fingers crossed.



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